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Asher marketing and natural products

A company for importing and marketing natural and health products, has been operating since 1996. The company was founded and is managed by the owner and CEO Asher Ifargan.
The company is engaged in the import, marketing and distribution of cosmetics, organic and natural care and hygiene, nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbs, health and nature foods, organic foods, gluten-free foods, and aromatic oils and others. .

The company is staffed with available service and sales people from Dan to Eilat, the company has a large logistics center in Haifa, through which a variety of products are marketed quickly and efficiently to hundreds of points of sale, large nature chains, private nature houses, specialty stores, selected pharmacies, and the largest food and nature chains in Israel.

At Asher Teva, we work with love and determination, tirelessly and without compromise, to bring our customers the highest quality and healthiest products, striving to achieve and maintain excellence, reliability, service, professionalism, product quality, quality of life and the environment.

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